2019 Carbon Fiber Quiet Aero Pipes
The World Leader in Carbon Pipe Technology
Carbon Fiber Aero Pipes
by Randy Smith and Bill Werwage
Low Stock on Header mufflers !

• New 40,51,61,65 and 75 Hi-Torque Pipe

• 4-New designs for 32-85 size engines

The best performing pipes
you can buy!
most sizes in stock

Carbon Fiber, Muffler, and Exhaust Systems


All CF pipes are made with the best Hi Temp resins availible and heat cycled properly in 2, dual stage ovens. This is a multi day process to manufacture a properly made CF pipe. When you buy an Aero pipe you can be assured your getting the finest made anywhere, at any price.
NEW 2015 Model Carbon Pipes
HI Torque UQ (Quiet)
CF 25-28 "Hi Torque"
CF 32-40" Ultra Quiet
CF40-50 Chambered "Ultra Quiet" (UC)
CF55-65- Chambered "Ultra Quiet",
CF 65 long Chambered " Slim line" Ultra Quiet
CF65-75 CF Pipe for 65's - 75's New " Ultra Quiet
CF-65-75 Chambered Long pipe "New Hi Torque Ultra Quiet" (Ultra Torque Pipes longer than HI Torque pipes)
CF-85 Long Chamber "Ultra Quiet" (for 75 or 85s)
Quiet Series
CF 32-40 QT series plug-in deflector
CF 40-50 QT series plug-in deflector
CF 55-65 QT series long slimline plug-in deflector
CF 65-75 QT series plug-in deflector
CF 85 4 chamber QT series pipe plug-in deflector

Carbon Pipes are high performance products, and the absolute lightest made anywhere, they will not last forever, but we have ran some pipes for 5 years and they are still running. AERO PIPES are made with exacting care and precisions to give you the best product on the market, period. All carry a 6 month unconditional warantee against defects in workmanship.
All 4 cycles run very hot and will not last as long as 2 cycle pipes.

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